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Refugee Care Committee helping the Gyi Family

God teaches us of His love that we might extend love to others. He opens His arms to us that we might open our arms to others. He has brought us together as a church that our arms could reach places that we never dreamed possible. This time, our church arms extended to the Burmese Gyi family, and for this opportunity we are grateful and blessed.

Gyi Family

The Gyi Family

The church, together with the Interfaith Refugee Ministry in New Bern, is sponsoring this refugee family. The Gyi family comes from Burma and arrived in Morehead City on September 6, 2006. They are a wonderful family. Lah Say Gyi (Paul) and his wife, Aye May Gyi (Pauline) and their three kids, Lah-May (14) (Christina), Khu Khu Htoo (12) (Sabrina) and Sen Sen Htoo (9) (Martha) are quickly fitting into the Morehead City life.

Because the Gyis were persecuted for political and religious (Christian) beliefs, they were captured and lived in a refugee camp in Thailand for nine years. Try to visualize living in a 10' X10' plastic enclosure with no modern "conveniences" for nine years. Try to imagine raising three beautiful daughters, now ages 14, 13, and 9, in such an enclosed space. Try to imagine the obstacles they have survived and the challenges they are now meeting as they adjust to American life. (read more about Human Rights in Berma)

If you long to know how our church is growing in faith, simply ask anyone on the Refugee Committee about their amazing experiences with this family and the wonderful miracles that have occurred right before our eyes! From the moment we witnessed the faces of beautiful children the first time they had ever seen a balloon, drunk from a water fountain, marvelled at a microwave, eaten at a table instead of squatting on the floor, we have been reminded of our blessings and how we so casually take them for granted. There are many miraculous moments to be shared. Because of our church's love, dedication, and willingness to go out on the limb of faith, "our" new family members are now living in a home of their own, are learning English, and are learning life skills, work skills, and American customs.

On November 5th the Jacksonville Daily News featured the Gyi Family in a newspaper article (read article). On November 17th, the Carteret News-Times published a front page article (read article).

Want to help?

They are in need of much, particularly employment. If you can help either by donating clothes, household items, or perhaps through a monetary contribution, please contact either of the two co-chairpersons of the Refugee Care Committee, Stan Stanonis (252) 447-3054 or Cynthia Capps (252) 726-7589, or contact the church office (252) 247-2202.

The Gyi family has "been delivered" to us by no accident! They have been delivered straight from the hands of God. Come and join us in thanksgiving for this opportunity, and please don't hesitate to extend your helping hands.